Can the toilet be stuck with tape? The netizen's own experiment results are tragedy

What to do if the toilet is blocked? No matter how flushing is done, the toilet is getting fuller ... it's really super crashing! If you just do n’t have fun at home, it ’s useless to use a toilet dredge. In an emergency, you have to go online to find an answer. A netizen plugged the toilet. Youtuber said that you ’d use "tape to seal the toilet," and you kept flushing. It worked; he could only find the yellow tape from home for a while and had to make do with it. Who knows that the toilet not only failed to succeed after using it ... there is even more tragic waiting for him to clean up! The netizen didn't know if it was not sealed enough or the toilet was too clogged. This method was not only useless, the yellow tape left a lot of residual glue on the toilet! After that, he squatted and scraped the glue, and he felt like eating shit ... Other netizens watched and silenced him: "The toilet has not been successfully silted, but it must be oversized to remove glue." "Who usually puts yellow tape ...? And the tape is really useful for toilets." "Everyone uses transparent ... only you love yellow" "Scotch tape is 100% useful, unless the seal is incomplete, it is the first time I saw it with yellow tape." Can you really pass the toilet with tape? The principle of using a tape to pass the toilet is to use the tape to create the effect of a vacuum pressure space. After the continuous flushing of water to squeeze the air, the blocked toilet can be restored. Netizens also have success stories: "It's really useful to use scotch tape" "After the toilet is sealed with tape, the upper storage tank must also be sealed. Both of my homes must be sealed, and the water will flow as soon as it is flushed." "Every time I tried it, it all succeeded. It should be a problem with tape." "The first rush, the second full seal, it was a success." "Just use cling film, it will be sealed after flushing.


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