He asked people to pass the toilet and received 12,000 professional masters exposed: Quote price of 3,000!


Most people's homes encounter problems such as the toilet pipe being blocked and blocked, they will first purchase the products on the market to clear them, and in serious cases, they will ask professional hydropower providers to repair them at home. One netizen posted a message saying, When he drove the toilet at home, he was charged 12,000 yuan, which made him feel a bit out of place, so he sent a message to other netizens, but got a dumbfounded response. A netizen living on the 4th floor posted on Facebook's "Break News Commune" that the building has a total of 5 floors. Recently, the toilet water flow in the home has slowed down. Although it is still accessible, but the situation has become serious, so I asked a professional operator to Before the toilet is in the house, the master said before construction that "using high pressure 1200, if you can't dismantle the toilet, the cost will be 3,000 yuan, and the pipeline will cost 200 yuan, and the maximum charge will be 20 feet." I did not expect the original PO that received the receipt after the construction was completed. Dumbfounded, because the whole cost was as high as 12,000 yuan, he shouted helplessly, "I've eaten sand this month!" After the article was exposed, there was a lively discussion among netizens. Many netizens thought that it was unreasonable to charge 9,000 yuan for a 45-foot toll fee. According to netizens' calculations, the entire building is the highest on the 5th floor. If it is converted to a height of 3 meters per floor, Down, "45 feet can access the entire building"; another netizen who claimed that his father was a 40-year professional hydropower teacher said, "Too expensive! The price generally falls between 2500 and 3,000 yuan." Many netizens think that the original PO I'm afraid I met a bad businessman, "Be abducted, a terrible price", "This price can go on ... a black shop."


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